A “CommonBond” We Can All Get Behind

By Ben Higgins

Conversations about money can feel stressful, confusing, and in some circles completely taboo. In my group of friends, money isn’t a forbidden topic. We understand that everyone comes from a different financial background.

Regardless, throughout our 20s, we celebrated small financial victories together. I remember a moment when a college-educated, fully employed friend called me just to celebrate that he had paid for new tires on his truck. It clearly gave him a sense of accomplishment.

For every small financial victory I’ve celebrated, I’ve witnessed complicated, strenuous situations.

Loans, student debt, credit card bills… As we attempt to do our best job at adulting, we need others to help guide us through major money issues. Does the thought of financial planning intimidate you? You’re not alone.

A great place to get insight and support is CommonBond. This company has funded over $2 billion in better student loans since its inception in 2012. Their approach is no secret: They meet you where you are now, with lower rates, simpler options, and a world-class experience.

You can take your old, expensive student loans and trade them in for one that saves you thousands. In fact, the average CommonBond customer saves over $24,000 on their loans. This is called “student loan refinancing” and, if you’re like me, I thought this was too good to be true.

Well, it is too good. But it’s also true.

CommonBond evaluates candidates for refinancing based on who you are now (in terms of things like having a job) — not who you were when you first took out your loan.

As college grads begin adulthood, they face some big life events, like getting married, buying a house, having children, and starting a business. Few things can help you tackle those decisions better than taking control of student debt and building a solid financial foundation. Even with a great support system, I appreciate the guidance of CommonBond.

Student debt feels like a weight sinking you to the bottom of the ocean. When you refinance with CommonBond you can experience a lower interest rate and save an average of $323 a month. Adulting isn’t easy, but that kind of savings will give you more time and money to focus on a bright future.

Bonus points for CommonBond: This company invests in global education. Since 2012, CommonBond has built 470 schools through their partnership with Pencils for Promise. So we share a vision for a truly successful business. Your refinanced loan will fund the cost of a child’s education in a developing country. It’s a win-win.

To see your refinancing rates from CommonBond, fill out an application at (You can find out how much money you’ll save in two minutes.)

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