The Mahogany Workplace "A Rhythmic Relationship"

A Rhythmic Relationship

By Dylan Miller

In my opinion, music brings people together more than any other form of art. It can pump you up for a big game, encourage you when you feel down, and even tell you how to feel during movies. So, how important is music in your relationship?

I love going to concerts with my girlfriend. Would our relationship work as well if we didn’t have similar tastes in music? I’m not sure. Nothing makes me happier than when I get a text from her about a new country song.

Country music connects us. It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate how we feel much more eloquently than either of us can express.

Music brings us together in other ways, too. “YouTube Saturday” is one of my favorite weekend activities. We drink coffee and play music videos. Sometimes a song sparks a memory of when we first dated; other times she says, “Ahhh, babe, I used to watch this while getting ready for school.” It takes her back to a special time, and I get to experience it with her. But we do disagree on music sometimes.

Music disparity usually occurs when a certain someone has a few cocktails. Suddenly she’s a gangsta who only likes “trap music,” turning up the volume to a level that would make ACDC seem like a pantomime act. Usually I try to adjust the volume only to have my hand slapped away. Sound familiar?

Even though we disagree from time to time, our different tastes can be beneficial.

I’m relentlessly stubborn when it comes to what’s being played. But every once in a while I actually like a rap song (I always deny it). She’ll catch me singing along and say, “Ah hah! I knew you liked this song!” and we both laugh.

With classic rock, I’ve influenced her music tastes, too. She’ll admit when she likes an oldie. Regardless, our love for country music is a must. (We began our relationship talking about Luke Bryan.) And experiencing new music helps me grow.

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It doesn’t matter if you share the same tastes, show your partner a song that reminds you of them. Listening to a new single or genre demonstrates a willingness to try new things in the name of love. And it’s gratifying to show your significant other something you enjoy and have them meet it with interest.

Experience music together — and don’t be afraid to sing when you feel like it.

What song takes you back to a memorable time in your life?

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