Admit It — You Use Your Phone on the Toilet

We all do it. At least I tell myself we all do it to make myself feel better about my hideous habit: using my cell phone in the bathroom. That’s right, I admit I love to use my cell phone on the golden throne. Chances are, if I liked a photo on your social media account, I was probably relieving myself at the time. Now that I wrote it down, it is actually quite repulsive. Before you leave from being so grossed out, please allow me to elaborate.

The point of this article isn’t to make you feel bad about scrolling through Insta while on the loo. Rather, I want to raise awareness that this happens and give some pointers on how to get away with it so you’re not so disgusting. I mean, let’s think about this for a second.

Many of us won’t bring a drink into a restroom, yet we have zero issues bringing in an object that we constantly touch and hold to our face.

Germs. Countless germs. While in Florida on a work trip, I walked into a stall and saw a magazine rack. Wow, I thought, haven’t seen one of those in ages. I wonder how much bacteria are on these magazines. The longer I sat there, the more nauseated I got. Here’s why: Our phones touch tables; they fall on floors; hands and fingers graze the touchscreens; then eventually my phone finds its way to my face when I make a phone call.

How much longer are people spending on the toilet since the advent of smartphones? And how much bacteria do we expose ourselves to just because we bring our phones into the restroom? I have no research to support my claim, but it wouldn’t surprise me if time spent on the toilet has increased since we spend so much time scrolling feeds.

If you’re anything like me and use someone else’s phone on occasion, think about how germ-ridden it must be (especially knowing where I take my phone when nature calls). If the thought doesn’t cross your mind, it should. Peoples’ smartphones are lit up with bacteria.

According to LiveScience, your phone is 10 times more “germy” than a toilet seat.

Even though you may be proactive about washing your hands, these microorganisms float around and attach to everything — including your phone. Essentially, all that bacteria will likely touch your face. Sick.

While it may be common sense, I am willing to bet my hunting license (If you know me, this is a big deal) that the majority of Americans don’t clean their cell phones on a regular basis.

Come on, people, clean your phones. Once every other day, pop the cover off, pull out some Lysol disinfecting wipes, and clean the germ cesspool you use on a daily basis. It will only take a minute, and you can sleep a little better knowing the next time you let someone borrow your phone, they aren’t acquiring every germ you recently encountered.

All I ask: Be more aware of our microscopic “friends” the next time you take your phone into the restroom.

Will you admit to this habit? Or do you think it’s completely gross? Share your thoughts with us!

By Dylan Miller with Ben Higgins

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