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How the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Changed My Life

Time to help some of my fellow men out there. I remember when I started seeing the Gillette Fusion ProGlide commercials back in 2013. I heard how the razor would “change the game of shaving” or something like that, and I need to tell you… I did not care. It was just shaving. However, my opinion changed after my buddy gave me a hard sell on the ProGlide. This wasn’t a guy who worked for Rodan + Fields or something like that. He just was a normal dude who fell in love with this razor.

Puberty hit me early in my teens, so I spent 10 minutes shaving every other day. (I’m a hairy man, so it may take me longer than you.) It became something I incorporated into my morning routine, just like brushing my teeth, reading the headlines, and eating my Flintstones vitamins. After the hard sell from my buddy, I decided to mix it up and give the ProGlide a try.

It really did turn my shaving experience on its head. I noticed that the razor caught so many more hairs than my previous razor did. This cut my shaving time in half. I was also accustomed to my previous razor yanking the hairs out of my face.

I thought this daily torture was something I would have to live with forever.

So, I was shocked to find that the ProGlide ran smoothly across my face. A more comfortable shave in half the time really was a game-changer. It forced me to humbly tell my buddy he was right. This is something no man loves to do.

Okay, fine, saying the razor changed my life may be an exaggeration. But, saving five minutes every other day adds up to 912.5 more minutes every year that I can use to call my Mom, grab a beer with friends, or watch Friends reruns. Do yourself a favor and get the ProGlide.

By Jordan Fuller with Ben Higgins

What’s your daily shave routine? Have you found a razor that works?

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