How to Recover From Heartbreak | The Mahogany Workplace via Bachelor World
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How to Recover From Serious Heartbreak

As “the most dramatic season yet,” the 23rd season of The Bachelor looks like it’ll involve a lot of tears from Colton and the women vying for his heart. We don’t know how it ends, but we do there will be heartbreak along the way.

Everyone knows what it’s like to have a broken heart. Here’s our breakup advice, whether you’re in the real world or on a reality show.

Remember your value

You are not a terrible person; you are worthy of love. If you struggle to recognize this, spend time with your loved ones and do things that make you feel confident and happy. You will be stronger and better on the other side.  — Jordan

Face it head-on

This is a “do what I say and not what I do” scenario. I used to respond to breakups by running from the problem — dating someone else, moving to a new city, getting a new job, or going out and drinking.

How to Recover From Heartbreak | The Mahogany Workplace via Bachelor World

Rather than facing the breakup’s implications, I ran to distractions. I recommend doing the opposite and confronting the pain.  — Riley

Be patient

As someone who’s experienced deep heartbreak, I know there’s no quick fix to grieving. Take time to mourn the relationship. I was once told the grieving process is like emptying a swimming pool one Dixie cup at a time.

You’re hurt, vulnerable, and lonely. Feel those emotions, because they’ll resurface if you try to hide them. And remember that no matter how hurtful or lonely things seem, you will be okay.  — Brandon

Create a plan

I believe that moving on requires three steps. First, acknowledge that things did not work, and take responsibility for your role.

How to Recover From Heartbreak | The Mahogany Workplace via Bachelor World

Next, examine why things didn’t work out. Reflect on your ex’s attributes and your own. You may recognize that you need to grow or you could realize that a certain value means more or less than you thought.

The last and most important step: Make the decision to move on. This may happen quickly or it may take years. Regardless, the best is yet to come.  — Mitch

Respect yourself and your former S.O.

Breakups are tough enough, let alone a serious breakup. Personally, I try to be as cordial as possible. If mutual respect exists, both you and the other person will have a more peaceful time moving forward. Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean it should be an all-out battle.  — Dylan

How did you respond to your toughest breakup?


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