Meet the Contributors

BEN HIGGINS | founder

Ben is a simple guy from Indiana who moved to the big city of Denver. Ben’s goal is to be famous one day if he can just catch a break.


Bio Headshot Ali

Ali is a self-proclaimed introvert who spends all of her free time with friends. Trying to be one of the guys can get her in trouble as she’s tasked with keeping this group of unruly gentlemen on task. Ali lives in Denver with her husband Chris and dog Ada.

RILEY FULLER | contributing writer

Riley recommends spending your money and going broke. Famous for coining the phrase, “If you aren’t broke then you aren’t trying hard enough,” he lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Naz and son Vince. He is excited about running the wealth and money section of the blog.

 DYLAN MILLER | contributing writer

Dylan considers himself of a young Tom Selleck. He loves hunting, fishing, and informing people that The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard is one of the most underrated comedies ever. His boyish charm has landed him a steady job and a girlfriend Elise, who would do scary things to defend his honor.

JORDAN FULLER | blog manager

Jordan is 30 years old but prefers to act 60. He is excited to have recently moved out of Ben’s unfinished basement and moved in with his wife and cat. Jordan hates how all millennials are late.

 BRANDON CONLEY | blog manager

Brandon lives in Denver with his wife Bradee. He is a toilet paper salesman (seriously). When he isn’t selling TP, he is selling people on why they should move to Colorado. Brandon and Ben hail from the same hometown.

MITCH REINHOLT | contributing writer

Mitch Reinholt is a husband, father, and optometrist. Once known as a teenage heartthrob, he enjoys cycling, cooking, traveling, and spending time with Lindsay and their two children Winnie and Archie.