Be Higgins reflects on the importance of self-care

Men Practice Self-Care Too!

Self-care is a hot topic. If you’re on Instagram or any blogging platform, you’ve likely encountered this concept three to 300 times. But this doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant or only applies to women.

Men need self-care, too. But what does it mean to practice this discipline as a guy? Do they even care about it? Here are their sentiments:

How do you define self-care?

BEN: It involves taking some time each day to focus on me. In order to be my best self I need to make sure my tank is full.

BRANDON: To me, self-care falls into two categories: mental and physical health. Maintaining both gives you the ability to serve others. But mental health is most important, in my opinion.

Why is self-care important?

JORDAN: In order to be a good employee, friend, and husband you have to be in a good state of mind and healthy.

MITCH: It’s easy to overlook self-care in a culture that praises busyness. But I think a lack of this discipline can really hurt your emotional and mental health.

How do you practice self-care?

BEN: I meditate and pray; I take time to relax. And I try to put my phone aside each night at 8 pm.

DYLAN: Finding time is key. I get somewhat depressed when I don’t make time for hobbies I love, like hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and playing basketball. The outdoors is my sanctuary, and basketball fuels my competitive spirit. These things help me cope with the everyday grind.

BRANDON: I try to pray daily and read. Working out and eating right helps, too. A good self-care day for me also involves skiing Colorado’s mountains. I experience peace when I get up early, grab coffee, turn on worship music, and watch the sun rise as I drive to the mountains — topped off with a great day of skiing, of course.

JORDAN: Likewise. A form of my self-care involves camping, floating down a river, or hiking a fantastic mountain peak.

MITCH: The biggest thing I do is take 10 minutes every morning for some quiet time. I have a “man cave” in our basement where I pray, do devotions, and reflect on life. However, any act of mindfulness, like meditation or yoga, is incredibly valuable.

How does self-care look different for men and women?

JORDAN: Many women connect through conversation, on an emotional level. Men connect through activity. Getting rowdy brings us back to being a kid again. Men can definitely connect through great talks too, but it’s often coupled with an activity that encourages conversation.

DYLAN: I think men practice self-care in the form of hobbies and activities, and women take it more literally, like a spa day or new outfit. Both are massive generalizations, but just what I have known through personal experience.

BEN: Men may feel more fulfilled from physical tasks or hobbies. But I always step away from crowds to recover and get refreshed. We all care for ourselves differently.

MITCH: Yeah, everyone’s physical and mental needs are different, but the general themes are universal.

What is your self-care theme? How do you take care of yourself?

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