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Millennials Don’t Vacation Right

As millennials, aren’t we just the worst? Great. I like being on the same page. It seems to me that there is a new phenomenon with our generation: We cannot vacation correctly.*

For some reason, millennials (for the most part) believe that they need to see the world in order to have a successful vacation. The more money they make, the further they travel. Think of your friends who went camping for Memorial Day… Who prefers sleeping on the ground when you have a bed at home? We can give you more examles. Think of your friends who hike Machu Picchu, tour museums in Europe, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, or worse yet go volunteer somewhere. Do people ever come back from these types of vacations refreshed? No.

These people need a vacation from their vacation when they get home.

Growing up, my annual family vacations involved one of Florida’s many beach towns. Why did my parents choose this? Well, in Florida, you can actually relax, find a pool or beach, and drink a daiquiri. They still got a break from work — while enjoying a tropical drink and ensuring my brothers and I did not drown in the pool (Another way to prevent drowning is to wear a life jacket) .

The goal of a vacation is to relax and forget about the troubles that await you in the city you live in. If someone tries to trick you into going on an adventurous or cultural vacation, use one of the tried-and-true responses below:

  1. “Want to go camping somewhere?” “No. I have a bed.”
  2. “Want to tour museums in Europe?” “No. I can find information about museums on the internet.”
  3. “Want to visit Peru and hike to Machu Pichu?” “No. Peruvian food sucks, and I can always see pictures on the internet without wasting multiple vacation days hiking.”
  4. “Want to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef?” “No. Have you heard of BBC’s Planet Earth? You can see tons of fish and seahorses without flying across the world.”
  5. “I’m thinking of going on a humanitarian trip with the Humanity and Hope United Foundation to Honduras (shameless plug for Ben’s nonprofit).” “No. How about you donate money, which would help those people more than going yourself?”

Feel free to disagree with my opinion, but one day you will realize I’m right. I’m not sure what we will do when Florida slips into the Gulf of Mexico. But until then, maybe millennials should go to Florida or somewhere like it, and try relaxing on their vacations.

By Jordan Fuller (The Mahogany Workplace travel curmudgeon)

*Ben does not agree with the author’s views. He loves adventurous and humanitarian travel, obviously.

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