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No Idea What to Buy? Summer Birthday Gift Guide for Your Lady

Odds are you’ve gotta get a birthday present for someone special this summer. Although we don’t quite know why, July, August, and September are the most popular birthday months. Random, but true. I’d rather spend my birthday at a ballgame, on a sunny patio, or camping in the Colorado backwoods, but I was born in January. Boo.

So what do you get your girlfriend/spouse/even your mom? Here are our unconventional, not-so-boring picks:

Help her try something new

I don’t always make room in my budget for outdoor “splurges,” even though I know they benefit my life so much more than blowing big bucks on happy hours and daily coffee runs. Cut your birthday girl a break and get her something she’s been wanting — or wanting to try — for a while. And it’s way less offensive than buying her a gym membership (a decision we wish upon no man).

Give her a spending spree

It may seem weird to buy makeup for your girlfriend or mom, but these cult classic products literally look good on anyone. You cannot go wrong. If all else fails in the beauty department, a Sephora gift card is way more fun than it seems. At the risk of being stereotypical, I know many women who would gleefully enjoy spending big money at this mecca — especially when it’s not their own money.

Rep her team

You can’t lose with a gift involving her hometown team or alma mater. Whether your mom is a Tar Heel or your wife is a Hoosier (shout out to Ben’s alma mater), sports teams will put their logos on just about anything these days, so you’re bound to find something she’ll love. We’re huge fans of the Tailgate collection, which we included below. The clothes are soft and look a little vintage; they don’t shrink and many of the tees and pants can double as comfy loungewear.

Fill her home with “Volcanos”

Buy it in pink, buy it in blue, buy it in whatever color your birthday girl loves. But we guarantee this candle won’t disappoint. Capri Blue’s Volcano is the definitive scent of Anthropologie stores, and the trend has wafted into apartments and homes everywhere. I have one in my family room and one on my office desk. They’re beautiful, smell divine, and last a long time.

By Ali Harrison (The Mahogany Workplace’s resident female) with Ben Higgins

Men: What’s your goto girl gift? Women: What’s a can’tfail present you’d love to receive?

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