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Prospectors Pomade: A Hairstyling Savior

We all have that guy in our lives; he’s hip, edgy, and somehow has perfect hair that never looks bad no matter what he’s doing. Night out in the city and each strands falls into place like it was placed by a stylist on Ocean Avenue before a photo shoot. Five-mile runs are no match for this well-hydrated head. After a long day of boarding in the mountains his helmet comes off to reveal a perfectly messy hairdo.

I definitely know that guy and I’ve always been incredibly jealous.

Through the years I tried various pomades, gels, creams, and even lotion. For someone like me — blessed with a full head of hair sticking in every direction — it’s frustrating to find a product that works. I always had something I didn’t like about each one I tried. Gels left my hair brittle and hard, like I was wearing a helmet. Forming creams displaced unevenly through my hair. Pomades worked but the product flaked off my hair like dandruff once it dried. Fortunately, through a decade-plus of products, I stumbled on one that really works.

My local barber suggested Prospectors Gold Rush Pomade. I was hesitant due to the lack of success with every product I had tried. Hundreds of dollars in the hole over the years… I figured what would $7.49 for a 1.5-ounce sample cost me for something that might actually work? I went home that Friday night with plans for dinner and a few beers with friends. After a quick shower I rubbed a dime size amount of pomade through my hands and ran my fingers through my hair. My hair felt healthy; it felt smooth; and it stayed in a place in a way I’d always hoped for but never achieved.

Prospectors Gold Rush is the best pomade I’ve ever used. Your hair will feel smooth and moisturized, not hard and brittle. Prospectors says the following things about their Gold Rush Pomade and I couldn’t agree more:

  • Medium hold with a natural shine
  • Water-soluble, creamy texture for easy application
  • Made with hemp oil, which conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp
  • Vitamins and fatty acids found in hemp oil promote healthy scalps, creating the ideal environment for hair growth
  • Fresh, clean scent

In my experience Prospectors does everything it claims and more. This product is a lifesaver for my hair and the first product that truly works in nearly 15 years of trying. While I can’t tell you that I now look like that guy, I can tell you that it’s the first product that’s allowed me to grow my hair past a #4 guard. At $7.49 for a 1.5-oz. can or $14.00 for a 4.5-oz. can, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

By Brandon Conley with Ben Higgins

Who’s “that guy” in your life? What’s your go-to hair product?

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