Ben Higgins attends the 2018 Indianapolis 500.

The Indy 500 With Relay Rewards

* This post was done in partnership with Relay.

By Ben Higgins

I was born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana, and I graduated from Indiana University (one hour south of Indianapolis). As a result of my upbringing, Indiana has a special place in my heart and always will. This year I was lucky enough to be invited back to my home state’s proudest event, the Indy 500, by the race itself and an incredible new product: Relay (@RelayRewards)​.

Ben Higgins attends the 2018 Indianapolis 500.

It’d been a long time since I attended a pre-race event for the Indy 500. My childhood race memories consisted of lugging an ice cooler and umbrella miles to the event in the baking sun with my dad and family friends. This year, I sat with my family and some Relay friends in an air-conditioned suite with food and beverages … Life is not half bad.

In racing, every second counts.

The hair-nose finishes, missed incidents, smart maneuvers, and intentional planning are what make the races so entertaining and the racers successful. My background in the financial services industry taught me that those same ideals — speed, efficiency, and planning — make for effective financial planning.

The Relay team understands that to make the most out of your hard-earned money, you need to constantly improve. Setting money aside and having a strong financial plan are the smart things to do. And getting rewarded with awesome cash-back for working the plan consistently is a happy way to spend!

To be honest, I’m not the most loyal racing fan. I enjoy the skill, art, and entertainment of open-wheel racing, but I don’t watch any of the races outside of the Indy 500. So, every year I like to pick one Indy 500 driver to cheer for and follow. This year it was an easy choice considering my appreciation and belief in Relay; I wanted nothing more than to see the Relay team and Zach Veach (the No. 26 car) win the race.

I believe in Relay because I’m a planner and budgeter. For people who are planners and love getting cash back, I believe Relay could be the product for you. With cash-back incentives for following your spending plan, why wouldn’t you be intentional with your spending? I mean “cash back” are two words I always enjoy reading side by side. Relay helps everyone plan smart and spend happily. It’s a terrific tool for people who recognize that planning ahead and being smart about how to spend are necessary to achieve (or maintain) their financial goals.

The Relay app

In short, Relay is a product developed to make your own personal financing planning more practical, effective, clearer, and accessible. The Relay team and I had an incredible time cheering on Zach Veach in Indy. Now do yourself a favor and join the Relay team yourself by signing up to become one of Relay’s first customers! Be like me and get on the waitlist for this exciting new financial planning product.

My weekend at Indy 500 was memorable but it only lasted a weekend. Your monetary freedom and financial planning will affect your lifetime.

To get on Relay’s waitlist, CLICK HERE.

Have you been to the Indy 500?

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