"Why I'm Co-Hosting a Podcast About Lady Bosses" -- Lady Bosses (and Ben) from iHeart Radio

Why I’m Co-Hosting a Podcast About Lady Bosses

By Ben Higgins

If you think it seems strange that I’m involved in a female-focused podcast, you’re right! But let me explain. I believe there’s never been a better time for a guy like me to dig deeper into subjects involving female leadership and empowerment.

I went to a leadership conference last year. Both women and men addressed topics like gender and inequality. I left the event with a big takeaway:

We need each other in order to be successful and create change.

The current climate

No one can deny the discord between males and females right now. There’s a glaring pay gap, and it needs to change.

My Lady Bosses (and Ben) co-host, Jesse Draper, and I want to highlight women who are still crushing it and leading their companies, families, and communities to a better place — despite the obstacles they face along the way.

"Why I'm Co-Hosting a Podcast About Lady Bosses" -- Lady Bosses (and Ben) from iHeart Radio

This podcast won’t be political. But it will highlight the fact that women and men are equals. A great leader is just that, no matter the gender. And I want to hear from these business leaders because they’re incredible.

My recent job title

About a year ago I founded Generous International, a for-profit and for-purpose organization that seeks to make the world a better place through every product sold. (Right now, Generous mainly focuses on high-quality, specialty coffee.) I’ve recently learned a LOT about starting a business, and much of it hasn’t been easy.

I’ve never been more hungry for tips and feedback from successful entrepreneurs. So, along with Lady Bosses listeners, I hope to glean helpful advice and great business stories from our guests.

Practical advice and entertaining stories

The podcast covers everything from branding and product launches to franchising and career goals, thanks to guests like Alison Sweeney (The Biggest Loser host), Brooklyn Decker (supermodel/entrepreneur), and Allie Webb (DryBar founder, who enlightened me on the definitions of “blowout” and “dry bar”).

This podcast will get your creative juices flowing, whether you have a random business idea or have been grinding at your startup for years. Check out Lady Bosses (and Ben) via iHeartRadio, and let me know what you think!

When was the last time you took a career risk?

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