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Why I’m Excited About Colton Underwood Being the Next Bachelor

By Ben Higgins

ABC announced a controversial decision: Colton Underwood is officially the bachelor. I discussed this a bit with Ashley Iaconetti on our podcast, but I haven’t been able to fully express why I’m excited. These are my thoughts, concerns, and advice:

He’s still a mystery

We watched him on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise — but we still don’t fully know Colton. After spending time with him off-camera I can say he truly is an enigma. Colton is just beginning to find himself as a person — he’s only 26 years old after all. And I think this will give us the chance to watch his true nature unfold.

He’s goal-oriented

Colton has told me (and expressed in many interviews) he’s established and accomplished goals his whole life. This is especially evident in his football career; from high school to college to the pros, he’s set physical goals and career goals — and then he’s achieved them. I don’t doubt he’ll apply goal-setting in his own way on The Bachelor.

He’s growing

On the other hand, Colton is ready to transcend his goal-oriented lifestyle. In the past, he’s been the person others want him to be. As the bachelor, he’ll be doing what he wants for the first time in many ways. And we get to watch. Personally, I think when you start to grow as a person it’s a great time to incorporate a partner.

ABC/Paul Hebert

My concerns

Colton can be indecisive. And he genuinely cares a lot. Both qualities can get a bachelor in trouble in different ways. Regardless, Colton’s story as the bachelor will be entertaining. I think we’ll see many ups and downs, and it’ll be interesting to see the conclusion.

My advice
Stay strong. Stay independent. And stand up for yourself. Do this for yourself and the woman you’ll end up with. Don’t be afraid to choose a clear path for yourself; it’s not selfish.

Also, Chris Harrison once gave me this advice: Use The Bachelor to enhance the life you already have; not change your life completely. It was super helpful for me, and I’m passing that lesson along to the new bachelor. Good luck, Colton! I’m rooting for you!

What do you think about the new bachelor?

Photo courtesy of ABC, Craig Sjodin, and Paul Hebert

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