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World Travelers: Here’s Why You Should Consider a Service-Oriented Trip

Most people would say they “love to travel,” and we get it. Few things are more fun than tasting new foods, meeting new people, and experiencing new terrain.

What will take your trip to the next level? Something you may have not considered — serving others.

Our friend Tyson Schank has participated in two mission trips to Honduras with the Humanity & Hope United Foundation, and he’s sharing why you should seek a trip that does more than serve you great food. Here are five reasons why you should add service to your next adventure abroad with the Humanity & Hope United Foundation:

  1. Your talents will find a new level of purpose. As a volunteer, you’re encouraged to explore your passions and talents as you listen to the people of these Honduran villages and see where you can make the biggest impact.
  2. You will see the face of hope. From the welcoming smiles to heartfelt goodbyes, you will meet people who can see a better future for themselves and are willing to work hard to create better lives for their families.
  3. You’ll reframe your life. You’ll find yourself reflecting on all of the blessings that you’ve been given and seeing those blessings every day in a whole new way.
  4. You’ll redefine your expectations for serving others. H&H listens to the community’s needs and looks to volunteers to actively meet those needs while building empowered, sustainable communities.
  5. You’ll become part of a loving family. You’ll find yourself saying, “See you later,” rather than goodbye. And you’ll build lifelong bonds with a group of volunteers who share a desire to be generous with their time and talents.

It’s a great and worthwhile adventure that begins with a plane ticket but continues back in the U.S., where your outlook will change forever. We invite you to join our H&H family. Visit the H&H website today and we’ll see you in Honduras.

By Tyson Schank

When was the last time you took a life-changing trip?

Images and video by RP Imagery.

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